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Overload advice


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I value the herblore exp a lot (just for a maxing out stance) so I tend to use them on most slayer tasks.

You never really use that much on slayer (maybe a few doses every task) and a majority of the time, you'll break even/make profit (including the costs of the overloads)


Obviously, use them for any type of bossing and for monsters where there's lots of competition or people trying to crash you.


Another good idea is to use it before a dungeon to speed up GD's/help open >99 str doors/get a little healing in 5 minutes.

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I don't use them on multicombat cannon tasks and low-def slayer enemies.

This is more or less relevant - the higher level boost translates to higher dps, but the attack level boost doesn't matter terribly much on low defence enemies and when cannoning maybe 30% of the total damage is your own, so the strength level boost isn't huge either.


Overloads are worth using anywhere you do not already have a good level boost, which means everywhere but While Guthix Sleeps and Ritual of the Mahjarrat with the Stone of Jas boost. If you are maging ice strykewyrms, you can use a wolpertinger and scroll every minute instead of overloading, which is cheaper (but requires more attention of course).

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