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A few questions about rev hunting


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A few friends of mine lately have been doing fairly well making cash in the rev dungeon. I have decided to give it a try since I have never been there before and am broke atm.


I will be wearing: D-Hide, glory, nez helm, jenneca's ring, barrow gloves, dboots, ddef and whip.


What prayers/curses should I use while killing revs? Just turmoil and soul split when needed or use a protect/deflect?


I would greatly appreciate ANY advice or tips you guys can give me on setup, prayers, tactics whatever since I am new to this.


Thanks in advance!

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You basically have 2 options with revs. 1 is going in wearing nothing but dhide and not skulling. This is the option that people without yaks should go for and will not profit much because you will spend more time running from PKers than killing revs. The other is going in as a trio with a TBer, 2 barragers and all bringing tribrid switches with bolas. Bank your gear if you are going down.

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Don't use Jenni's ring



I like to use wealth, though it probably has no effect on the drops, because it acts like a glory in that you can tele from up to 30 wild instead of 20, and still wear a Salve ammy.




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Bawse version




Lame version




Replace whip with rapier if you're not a pansy like me. Replace TB w/ barrage and replace glory w/ ancient staff if team has TBer. Wear glory, leave salve in bank. Yak is sharks, 2 rests, 3 ppots and a spare yak.


EDIT: Derp derp derp. Replace row in bawse version w/ dstone (i). Replace 1 brew w/ brace too.

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