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Tip.It Times - 9th October 2011

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Ay, if I can go back 10 years and pick another game, I would not have picked rs again, against so much hate snd ridi ule and esp today knowing how it would end...

Personally, I'd still pick RS. Except for Ocarina of Time and FFVII, no other game still holds my attention after so many years.

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So, Kaida is the real version of every fictional science-badass? That explains a lot, actually...

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The second article was the most beautiful thing ive ever read. That sums up what ive said about this game for years and why theres so many bots.

There's just so much he got wrong about other games though. I mean, even [bleep]ing D&D has avoidance based combat and health that doesn't scale to your gear, and it's probably the game that invented min-maxing. It makes it worse when you think that there are so many other things about the game that he could have said to prove the same point - the fact that there really are no limits to what you can do with a character's stats and feats, how you have more than one option for endgame gear, how classes all have strengths and weaknesses... :wall:

I mean, he specifically mentions tabletop games near the end, many of which are played with a die, and a dice roll does the same thing as an RNG. Let alone the fact that hundreds of other games use one to determine more than hits and misses.

I read it thinking that he had no idea what he was talking about. Sure, he has a point about how RS doesn't require skill, but he goes about it in the worst possible way. And he [bleep]ing compares an MMO to a RTS game to prove it #-o

In my defense I wrote that article as a direct counter to Master_Smither's September 18th article "Disinterest." It would have made a lot more sense the week after when people remembered his post which was basically arguing that Runescape required as much skill as a "Simple" RTS and implied that Nex was challenging while League of Legends games were easy.

He was comparing RS to the currently popular competitive multiplayer PC titles most of which are RTS and MOBA. Ergo my counterpoint did just the same. Master_Smither failed to appreciate the difference between Runescape and a competitive game and what competitive gamers are interested in. I wrote the article in an attempt to explain the other side of the coin.

As far as your statement that I have "no idea" what I was talking about, I'd like to think after this many years of playing games, modding games and watching the gaming industry I have a pretty decent idea what I am talking about. On the other hand I could have done a lot better job of expressing it.

Part of the mess is because the first version had direct quotes from Master_Smither's Article but that sucker was way too long. Had I known this would be published this long after "Disinterest" I would have come in from a totally different direction.

Your points to do with tabletop games do have some merit. Health scaling was a MASSIVE problem with D&D as far as I remember it. My group of fellow nerds quickly moved on from D&D to another RPG of our own invention (Which frankly had even worse rules and balance teaching us a valuable lesson about how [bleep]ing hard it is to build an RPG.) Perhaps I had it wrong that most RPGs allow health to scale with gear, 3/4 of the tabletop games I have played did but I could have just gotten the rejects.

On the other hand allowing health to scale with gear has been part of almost every gaming RPG since Diablo. There is a reason for this. I still stand behind my statements that Runescape's mechanics are those of an overly simplistic and unbalanced RPG, that Runescape takes far less skill than most popular titles and that there is still absolutely nothing wrong with loving the game anyway.. I'm sure a better writer could have expressed those three points in a shorter, easier to read format.

Finally I'd like to thank the Tip it editorial panel for putting this out there even though it is not in the greatest format and most people are not going to agree with it.

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I think both articles are pretty well done and has their own points, which most of us can relate or experience sometimes during our RS and RL time.

I haven't been scammed once in my RS career, some had tried, but I quickly back out if things seems fishy. Then again, my choice of playing was really just training, so not much trade interaction going on anyways. I have manage to keep a few good friends on RS over the years of playing, even most of them have quit or stopped talking regularly like we used to. I guess for some people, once you hit a certain stage in the game, you sort of realize that "quality" is more important than "quantity", and its better to stick with ones that truly connects with you. Overall, whether it was Counstrike or Runescape or any other video games, that took huge chunk of time in m life, I agree with the author that I don't regret my decision doing it. I hate anything business related with a passion, but it was through RS, I learned a bit about economy, albeit not a realistic one, but at least it got me interested enough to start looking into it. I have learn to be more patience, and more understanding when it comes to talking with people, and different culture and their perspective. I also made friends from over the world and hearing their stories. Be more organized, and task setting and reaching the goals effectively, was another thing I learned through RS training.

With the second article, I never find RS to be a hard game, and I really consider it as a grinding game. I have often asked by others (or vice versa), what the opinion is between RS and other games. At the time, since I only play Counterstrike (almost same degree of enthusiasm at one point, spend at least 4 hrs per day on it). I can tell that one is a skill, and one is mostly "time" game. But interestingly enough, I still learn through both games, but I also learn how to play through each games weak point. When I play games, I prefer not to think about it too much (hence I tend to do quests or holiday event quickly), but at the same time, I find some activities in the game soothing. I used to go woodcutting and fishing when reading school books, with sound effects on, imagine myself actually among the forest and beside the river or sea instead of at my desk. It somehow helps to ease the boredom of reading, and getting xp at the same time (and I don't ignore other people in game, at least try not to).

I think overall, each different games has each own merit (RS has F2P version, which has pretty big content compare to other games I have played), and to compare them to each other is like other have said, orange and apples. The main thing is, is how we all started this game with nothing but few nooby items and the mindset of a explorer/merchant/warriors. The starting point is the same with all the players, eventually we will all choose our own paths in RS and RL, but the memories of good time will not fade, and into the heart of thousands.
a happy Runescaper

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