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Can I have 10k?


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I was sceptical at first, but I watched it anyway.


I'm happy I did, because I loved it. The ending was very good as well. It was funny, but also made me feel bad for the guy.


Great job on it. Very nice. |^_^| Only thing that could be better is getting rid of the lag, so the camera movement is smooth.

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simply amazing, well done! :)


The corp beast, is, well, just a corp beast. He doesnt even have any friends.

[spoiler=Other Quotes]tbh idk why this makes me laugh so hard

All DFS threads turn into efficiency flame wars >.>

>OP asks "why use DFS?"

>everyone says "there is no reason"

>someone says "stop bashing people who use DFS, efficiency troll ass clown"

>thread is now a flame fest


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angel2w.gif Tip.It Website Crew Leader


I love it how Jafje comes outa nowhere and answers my questions

Hehe now we know what real life does...drugs, drugs, more drugs. Thank god we are addicted to something that won't kill us.


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I honestly didn't notice that everything was rhyming until like halfway through the video DERP... Either way, great job, I really enjoyed it!







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