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I got a Macbook Pro for Christmas. :) I am planning to major in journalism, and i got my admittance letter recently as well. :) It took me awhile to figure out Runescape, but I got it now. Just had to get into safemode haha. So I have bonfired a little today, and I am going to do some more tonight. 82 firemaking will come in the next day or two, and then 80 prayer will finally be next.


Merry Christmas guys.

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Just been fletching, bonfiring, and chopping ivy the last few days. Not using my instakill darts because well, I am lazy. The overall state of runescape is kind of sad, but I do enjoy playing more than I thought I would. So here's to another night of afk skilling.

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Haven't enjoyed playing lately, and haven't given it much attention since about September, and haven't loved the game the way I once did. Membership is cancelled. I may stop in from time to time just to see. Kinda like looking up an ex girlfriend on Facebook.

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One more level! You got this :D


Sitting 1.1m+ away atm.. decided to finally check out the combat system. I did a task of 140 greaters, and I got a rune full helm lol.. Combat is awkward for me atm. Not great, but not too bad either. Too soon for me to decide if I prefer new or old! I did get this puppy before my night ended though! 80s are a good number! Probably more slaying tomorrow if I play much.



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