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Graphic for a T-shirt

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Greetings, everybody...


I actually have had this pack of iron on transfer paper for my printer for some time, but I have yet to do anything with it up til this point. However, I have come up with an idea that I would like to try, and am asking some of you for help to bring it into fruition.


As a fan of older adventure and role-playing games, I wanted to do something related to that. The old Sierra adventure games are among my all time favorite games, especially the King's Quest series.


So, here is what I am looking for...


Snap some pictures from any of the original King's Quest games (the sierra made ones, does not have to be the first game), do a google image search for them or just do your own artistic drawings. Preferably ones that feature King Graham, but not limited to him.


After that, experiment. If you think having some of the backgrounds from the games in the pictures would be nice... feel free to try that. If you think it would work better without the backgrounds... give it a try. Basically, I want something that looks and feels true to the games themselves.


Heres a sample image from the original game, King's Quest 1:




Who knows, if I see one or more that I like... I might very well go ahead and make my t-shirt. I do ask, however, that you pay close attention to details (since this is for a t-shirt, after all).

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