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1700+ total, 96 combat looking for clan


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Hi, my name is Matt and I am 22. I have been playing Runescape on and off for around 8 years or so but have only just started playing again after a break of about 3 years.

I have got back into the game and am looking for a social, mature skiller community.


I don't often train combat and consider myself to be a skill-based player. I don't PK, or PvM very much so am not looking for that type of clan.


What I want from a clan?

- No compulsory events please. I am currently studying for a MA, so don't want to be forced into having to attend events.


- Preferably based in/around the UK or Europe, for obvious reasons.


- Smallish membership would be nice. I would like to get to know the other people in my clan. Can people please state how many members their clan has?


- Active clan chat. I can be quite independent and like to stick to set goals so am not always up for group events that distract me from this. However, I want to be social and part of a nice clan community so will spend online time in clan chat.



I realise that I may be asking a lot, but if you think that your clan offers this and are looking for a sociable member, please post and let me know.

(PS. I'm going away tomorrow for the weekend, so if I don't reply, this will be why.)



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Well you are not looking for combat based clans (Warring etc) You should post on the other looking for a clan category not this one.


I will try to help you as much as possible though.


If you want a skiller based clan try out The lavadragons or Clan Fusion. the IRC chats are below:




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*Please note our Clan Chat is now "Clan Jaguar"


Forums | Runehead |

| Code of Conduct




None level wise. You need only set up for a trial period. We have learned from long experience that clan functionality relies much more on WHO you have in your clan, rather than what their runescape stats are. This is why a full 40% of our current actives have been with the clan longer than 2 years. That's not counting our retired members who fade in and out of activity. We do require at least one post on our forums once a week, and to go to an event at least once every two weeks.


What Kind of Events Do We Host?:

We cant really classify what kind of events we host. We host every kind of event. For those who like skilling, we have our woodcutting/firemaking events, and our fishing events that are good for coming together and just relaxing and talking with the clan. For those who like combat, we have our boss events, from Barrows to Corp to Zammy GWD. And for those who like Pking, we do have some PK trips (P2P) available on Friday nights, and even if youre a new comer this can be enjoyable.


Though we do not make you go to every event, we do require you go to a minimum amount per every two weeks to be considered active.



We want people who want to be part of our community. We want people who don't really give a s**t about what other clans are doing-- we don't do anything with a mind towards impressing other clans. That said, it's hard to really convey the personality of our clan. Generally if you're mature and have an open minded sense of humor, we'd be interested in seeing if you fit in here.


What We Offer:

Our clan has been around for more than 10 years. We have seen just about every situation there is for a clan to face and withstood it. We won't make the mistakes newer clans will make, thus improving your experience. There is a reason people stay as long as they do, and why old members come back after leaving for what they thought were greener pastures. Clan Jaguar is not just a community, but neither is it so focused on runescape goals that it ignores its members. We seek to be a balance between the two that maximizes your experience. Clan Jaguar offers you a clan with an identity-- a strong sense of self with a wealth of history. Come visit us.


Are You Interested?:

To join you can apply for trial member, no matter what your stats are on Runescape. At the end of your trial period, our elder members will vote to see if you are a good fit for our clan. We are on the more mature side, so please be aware if this bothers you we may not be a good fit for you. You MUST sign up and apply on our forums.





Our Clan Chat is "Clan Jaguar" and we'd be glad to answer any questions. We do not currently employ a Friends Chat for general use.


.:: Leaders: Jaguar Queen, Lucca13 ::.


.:: Council: Toady1, Jordanish, Iluvskittl3z, Noble Man3 ::.

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At the Rogue Empire, we strive for excellence and dedication!


If your looking for a clan that is loyal and fun,

you have found the right one!


The Rogue empire accepts all players of Runescape as long as you are friendly,respectful and dedicated to bringing out the best in our clan. Currently 130 Active Members!


IF you want to do any warring events/god wars/kdb you need at least 100+ Combat. Thanks!




60+ Combat,work on the citadel when your in clan if you can,respect and dedication,Mature please!


:D~Events We Host~:D


The events are not mandatory but, they help you get ranks!





Drop Parties

Hide and Seek





Message me in the game or Vipeltic if you want to be invited. The clan is ALWAYS active. We have several members!


Clan quick find code 93-94-862-63322318

~Miss Stephy~

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You are invited to join Sacred Memoirs!


Sacred Memoirs was founded on Dec. 27th 2011. We are a fairly new clan and are looking for members to make us stronger and help us grow. We are built around strong friendships and are interested in anyone willing to have fun (so long as you fill the requirements). This is mainly 18+ years of age clan but,we accept anyone as long as you are mature and dont spam clan chat and dont beg for money.


Recruiments-90+ combat or 1400 skill total


.´¸.*´¨) ¸.*¨)

(*.** (*... Events We Do:


Drop Parties

House Parties


Soul Wars

Clan Wars

Stealing Creation

God Wars Dungeon

And Many More


Home world :: 85

Clan Owner :: XAngel EyesX


If you have any questions you can visit our thread at [(QFC::269-270-820-63479384)] or PM XAngel EyesX, iAdrenaline, Barcoff, Inraged sin, snakeglock17, iTokeMedical, or AutumnRayne9


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