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Beast of Burdens, Overloads, and New Hot Keys?!


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Recently I decided there were a few minor changes I wish jagex would add to the game to make everything run a bit smoother. After bothering the people in my usual friend's chat (codguy's fc), I decided I should make a thread and see if anybody supports the ideas :)


1) Filling your BoB Familiars Inventory From the Bank:


Maybe I'm just lazy but I find it bothersome to have to take things out of my bank, put them into my inventory and THEN move them to my BoB. I decided it would be nice to see an option where you can toggle between whether the items youre pulling out of the bank go to your inventory or your BoB's inventory. Pretty simple explanation hopefully but I made a picture to go along with it as well;




Since the Pak Yak has more than 28 inv spaces Jagex would have to add a scroll bar to the Familiars inventory tab (kind of like how it works when you inspect other peoples inventorys when in a dungeoneering team). Also, sorry for the fake 1337m cash pile, I couldnt resist :P


2) Overloads NEEDS an On-Screen Timer!


This one speaks for itself really... Its a pain to have to use a timer on another internet tab (or a stopwatch irl) to keep track of how much time you have left on your Ovls dose (or when the next 15sec interval is). Basically we just need a little timer in the corner. In the picture below I placed it low enough in that corner so that if you happen to die while the Ovl timer is still running there wont be any overlap of the two timers (grave and ovl).





3) Hot Keys Tab:


This one is kind of tricky to explain. Basically I think we need a custom hot key option so that we can assign our own key combos to trigger certain in game commands (ie: by hitting CTRL+1 will drink a Prayer Pot dose or F1 will turn on a Protect from Melee, etc) I dont have the patience to try and design a perfect GUI to show how to set that sort of thing up but hopefully it makes sense (if youve ever played other mmorpg's such as WoW itll make alot more sense). I made a picture to hopefully show what I mean. In fixed mode it would look like this, but in full-screen mode I think it would be nice to actually allow you to move the buttons around to any part of the screen (if you want them on the far left side, the very top, etc).




In the picture next to the potions it has xNumber. The numbers represent how many doses of those pots you have in your inventory to drink, NOT the quantity of the actual potions themselves.


-Basically to set up the hotkeys you would click the edit button, then click on the slot you want to change, then a window would pop up and from there you would choose what action it would complete (a prayer, a spell, drink a potion etc) Then in that same window you would be given the option to set a certain hot-key combo (I personally would like to set up F1-F12 with my own hot-keys).


It would help a ton with MHing as switching prayers/drinking pots without clicking between the prayer and inv tab would be a lot faster. I know they currently have in place hot-keys that jump from tab to tab (from inventory to prayers, etc) But I think the hotkeys im suggesting would be MUCH better as it skips having to move the mouse and click something to trigger drinking a pot, etc.




Anyways I hope you guys agree with me and support these suggestions :)





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Huge support for the BoB filling, I've always hated having to withdraw items, half fill BoB, withdrawn items, fill BoB, withdraw items. It's just a waste of time and they already solved this issue for runecrafting pouches so theres no reason not to do this.


My support again for the overload timer, i don't quite have them myself yet but i understand that you need to brew just before the 15 second hit, so this would be very useful. My only add-on to this is to make it optional, or hideable, as some players may not want to do the 15 second 'trick' and find it only gets in the way.


Hotkeys are very useful... But that brings up the debate of 'skill'. Many players believe being able to eat, special, pot, turn off and on prayers at the right times is all part of the challenge. I feel the hardcore players that have spent a lot of time perfecting these would rant and rave about the game becoming easier more than ever.


One suggestion i'd like to see is a 'Drop all' or 'Drop x'. It would still be slowed down to 2 items a tick, but it would be much less hassle for the player. That isn't skill, that's just repetitive and soul crushing.



I love how you've created your own graphics for this to show your intentions, really is a step up from the usual 'I fink we shud have lazor guns and robot armoours, heres a pictur of my kat.' in the runescape suggestions area :D


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You'll be happy to hear this, Grimy_Bunyip just transcribed this bit from one of the runefest vids:


"will there be hotkeys?

"Yes, part of the combat rework will be an action bar. And you'll be able to bind keys. 12345, wasd, whatever you want to the action bar. And all these new abilities will be in a sort of like spell book. You'll be able to drag your abilities into the action bar. Your food, your prayers, your spells. So yes."


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Thanks for posting that on this thread Kim :) I actually watched the video where he talked about it :D :D :D Im super excited.


Im currently working on a new suggestions thread for rebalancing/improving combat. It seemed like he (mod chris l i think) had alot on his plate (player owned ports, new xp counter, and armor kits) and from what I heard he wasn't entirely sure he would be able to get the new combat system approved right away. So I figured I would help by rough drafting a combat update/hotbar suggestion thread. Maybe itll help them skip the early stages of rough drafting and get them moving into the dev stages :thumbsup:


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