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Ranged Training


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Started getting back into my old pure, my main stat goals at the moment are 84 Ranged and 84 Magic (currently 66 and 70). I managed to get 55 Slayer thanks to the 3x slayer day, so I have access to broad bolts for training. Magic I'm pretty sure I'll just be bursting from 70-84 and may train summoning eventually. I'm just unsure about where to train ranged, planning on cannons Wala's with auto-retaliate on currently, for charms + I've heard it's good exp (Not bothered about spending money for quicker xp). As eventually I will be going for 99 ranged and cannon probably won't be worth it at that time.


Where's a good place for a pure to train ranged without a cannon? <-- Not interested in Chins @ Ape Atoll (tried it on my main...) Are chaos Tunnels a viable option?


Also, for Waterbirth is there a standard CC or world to use at all? Just started playing again and don't know many people.

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I don't understand why you dislike ape atol. Even if you're incredibley bad and inefficient at it, you'll get 99 range in less than 20 hours gametime... Or you can grind some dragons with a crossbow and take 100 hours.


So yeah. Stop being silly and do ape atol.


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I really advise you to try ape atoll again, it is by far the best method of training ranged.


Otherwise, if your aren't against chinning itself.. you can chin at chaos tunnel mummies.

Another decent method is now with most/all of the bots gone you could range the chaos tunnel green dragons to gain a decent profit while training.

Both are nice xp, obviously chinning will be better then just using a crossbow at dragons.


Good luck :thumbup:


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Since you don't want to chin to train ranged, I would suggest either slaying for xp using broad bolts, or as you mentioned, killing wallasalkis.


Thanks to Iglw for the amazing signature!

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