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Black Comedy songs?


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Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone knew of any songs that use black humor. I've been searching a bit and can't find much, but I'll contribute what little I have.






Get back here so I can rub your butt.

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Tim Minchin is a wonderful comedy writer.


Amature Transplants are a very funny duo, mainly popular songs with funny lyrics.


Axis of awesome are humourous and awesome.


I have a lot more but none of them are coming to mind for some reason, i may come back to this thread later when i rememeber... For now, check out tim minchin, he's amazing.


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More or less anything with Type O Negative.

J'adore aussi le sexe et les snuff movies

Je trouve que ce sont des purs moments de vie

Je ne me reconnais plus dans les gens

Je suis juste un cas désespérant

Et comme personne ne viendra me réclamer

Je terminerai comme un objet retrouvé

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This guy I sort of know (my friend's former music teacher) does these jazz songs that has quite dark humour. Not really pee-in-your-pants funny, but quite clever. I've seen him live a few times and he's so entertaining - one of the best guitarists I've seen. He reminds me of Kevin Spacey so much.


Apparently he's recorded a song a day for the past 20 years so he has material for like 60 albums. He scat sings very well, too.



Andy Fite I Wanna Die


Andy Fite All of My Friends Are Starting to Get Impatient with Me


Andy Fite My Visit to an Anarchist Collective


Andy Fite Life's a [bleep]


Andy Fite So Vote for Me


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It isn't in the castle, It isn't in the mist, It's a calling of the waters, As they break to show, The new Black Death, With reactors aglow, Do you think your security, Can keep you in purity, You will not shake us off above or below

Scottish friction

Scottish fiction

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