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Welcome to the Lone Wolves recruitment page. If you're level 80+ combat or if you're 90+ range or 94+ mage you can join this clan. We're a P2P clan so everything we do is P2P.Here at Lone Wolves we concentrate on three things.


Those three things include:

Wars (We aren't at the moment, but we will soon)


and mini games (for fun)


We're an organized clan with daily events that always play through. We have weekly meetings as well where we figure out how to plan our clan to move farther into runescape. We used to be on the runescape battle ladder and still war for fun but for now we're just concentrating on uniting each other as a clan. We are a dedicated clan looking to help everyone who takes a step into our clan chat so come on down the clan chat is "Lone Wolves". The events are fun and the people are good and we have great conversations in the clan chat. Our warring tactics as well our good, so take your time to learn them and you might see yourself in the lineup soon enough. So come on down and trial us if you need to, or just come and join either way we'll appreciate the time you put into checking us out.





Our leaders are: Alpha Boon, Alpha Sean, and Infenso


If you have any questions ask them or you could even send me a pm i'll answer any questions you want.



Our Runescape official forum QFC is:87-88-666-63247960

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