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*FIXED*Hooking up a second monitor to on-board chip set


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My sister's refurbish emachines desktop bit the dust a while ago, so that left her monitor vacant. Since she got a new laptop today, she won't be actively using it so she lent it to me, a recovering duel-monitor addict ( >.> ).


However, i'm having a bit of trouble getting my computer to recognize it. My current monitor is running off of a Radeon HD 6600, so i thought i would hook up the secondary monitor to my motherboard, which has an on-board video chipset. However, when i do the monitor flashes no signal and goes to a black screen. I've tried hooking the new monitor alone to my graphics card, and it works fine.


I've been searching around, and i think this has something to do with enabling your computer to detect both your graphics card and your onboard chipset via the BIOS. I'm shutting down my computer and having a look there now.




Turns out i just had to root around in the BIOS for a few minutes. Turns out there was an option to enable my onboard GPU even if i have an external card. Surprised it went so well. Normally things like this aren't always that clear-cut O.o

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