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Please fix the redundant mouse-hover text box, this is a website design basic. Other than that, good work.



You have to keep in mind people with disabilities. In this case, people with vision problems.


I've written and helped with a few pieces of software for such people. One of which, which used the computer's narrator (And narrator may even do this on it's own now), reads text from tooltip classed windows or those who have trouble reading both because of a mental of visual disability. Whether or not this is the reason they keep them or not, I don't know.


Both versions of the site validate with the service provided by W3C. IIRC including the alt text is a requirement to validate successfully isn't it?


No, only on images is alt a requirement. Besides, this was removed quite some time ago. :P

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Yeah, we have never actually met standard handicap accessibility requirements. We are almost in compliance with the basic section 508 checklist Automated checking items, but then some of the manually verified items we also fail on, and we are a fair bit more out of compliance with the expanded WCAG checklist


Thanks to DrCue at DeviantArt for the signature source

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