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Want to join a clan


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Mature? Kinda but i can be annoying some times

Total level? 1763

Quest Points? 289

Combat? 102+7

What do i seek in a clan/group/team? Well a few events once a while and active ingame chat.

Retarded? Not really

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Hey Aams,


I'm from Burning creation a clan which matches your details.We have loads to offer to people like you.We also use Teamspeak 3(Audio Software) to communicate with voice.we have occasional and a wide variety of events.we provide a family like experience where everyone respects each other,bond,have fun times,help each other and fight our battles together.we are very open and offer a opportunity to a mainstream audience of players.We are a clan who rely on each other in a variety of different things.This is not Just a Runescape clan it's much more.I can almost guarantee you this clan is the clan where you will cement Good memoirs into your life eternally.so Without further ado I would like to extend my hand to invite you to join our community/Family :)


Here's our Specific site for more knowledge about our clan and how to join our community:




Whilst on the site look around to see what we are all about and follow the link to our main forums to get yourself signed up and ready for this great experience


Feel free to Join our In-game as guest to check us out :) ClanChat:Burning Creation.


Kind Regards,


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