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The MaSoRS - Miners & Smithers of RuneScape - Est. 2003


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Welcome all, to the recruitment topic for the legendary clan, the Miners and Smithers of RuneScape. A clan dedicated to the game, with knowledge, skill and compassion within our ranks.

We have existed for years, since August 28, 2003, and have adapted, changed and evolved to accommodate the game we have all come to love. In this time much has changed, from the evolution of RuneScape Classic to Runescape 2 to RuneScape HD to Runescape 3, the Evolution of Combat, new skills being released, the removal and reintroduction of free trade and the Wilderness - we have seen and experienced it all.

The MaSoRS is a skilling and community clan, specialising in Mining and Smithing. We offer a friendly and laid back community centred around our clanchat, forums and Discord server, and events ranging from skilling competitions to monster hunting to mass conga lines. You don't have to attend events; in fact many members just join our clan to be in our thriving community!


We are so much more than a simple clan, we have no affixed general trademark, we are what we are, a group of friends from all over the world, more so a community, that aids each other, offers support and friendship, and offers discussions on any topic imaginable in our active clanchat, forums and Discord. All members are encouraged to lead their own events and contribute to the community. If a member has a suggestion, we value their opinions. Every member matters.

And so it is my pleasure entirely to offer to you good folks the opportunity to become part of the great RuneScape clan MaSoRS, providing you have our relatively low standards for acceptance and abide by the rules.

What we offer:

  • Very experienced members who offer great knowledge on the game (especially Mining and Smithing)
  • A Tier 7 Clan Citadel
  • A thriving and friendly community
  • Events relating to new releases, or popular events that have worked well in the past
  • IPB4 forums, with plenty of different categories for different subjects, from serious debates to fun forum games
  • A CC channel and Discord server for laughter, serious discussions, and everything else!



  • 60 Mining and 50 Smithing OR
  • 85 Mining or Smithing
  • General decency and kindness, and the ability to abide by our simple clan rules

We have no contribution requirements or one clan rule.


Here are some of the pictures and memories we have gathered over the years:

One of our many drop parties, way back in RuneScape Classic:



A mass conga in RuneScape 2:



A collage of our September 2006 Drop Party (click to expand):





A video from our 4th anniversary drop: 





Christmas gathering in the Mining Guild, our favourite place in RuneScape, early in RuneScape HD...:




... Before burning it down at a Firefest event:




Swapping pickaxes for spears in RuneScape 3:





Hunting for for those pesky Penguins:




Sorting out a pest problem: 





You can find hundreds of pictures like these on our Photobucket album:


So what are you waiting for...





Visit this page for details on how to join.


Feel free to join our clanchat 'MaSoRS' as a guest or our Discord to get to know us more.

Website | Forums | Discord | RS Clan Page | YouTube | Twitter | Photobucket

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Looks like an incredible community based clan with an impressive history. The clan is older than my Runescaping time, that's for sure.


Good luck with further recruitment.


Prodigy PvM -

Quick find code: 92-93-639-63898474

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I remember being in this clan when I first started. Remember Kizzywizz? 

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[hide=Drops]Araxxor Eye x1 Leg pieces x2
GWD: 5000 Addy bar Steam B Staff x3 Z Spear x6 Sara. Hilt x2 Bandos Hilt x2 (LS, Solo)SS x6 (1 LS)
Tormented Demons: Shard x6 Slice x5 Claws x9 Limbs x3
DKS: Archer x21 Warrior x31 Berserker x30 Axe x51[/hide]

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I remember being in this clan when I first started. Remember Kizzywizz? 


Hey man, not seen your name for a while. Think I added you to the MaSoRS Christmas Card a couple of years back? 


I joined in 2008, so Kizzy was a bit before my time. 

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