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I've had a goal to get a Royale Cannon for some time now, but have never even touched Artisan's Workshop before. I'm sure I can easily master the mechanics of the game itself, but what would be an ideal way to raise respect level to 150% to get the cannon? I'm looking for some compromise between speed and cost. If possible, please include how long it takes to get each % with your suggested method.


Thanks in advance.

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as i speak ive used a lot of artisans workshop for smithing 90/99 at the moment and i use adamant ingot iii for burial armour.

but if you wanted cheap way of raising smithing and getting that 150% i would highly suggest mithril ingot i or adamant ingot i. both are fairly low cost.

and for the time for 1% i cant be sure but i would suggest going their and trying it out :D/

Good luck on that royale cannon and have fun :D





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Artisans guild:

Ceremonial swords are by far the best smith xp going, but they cost a small fortune.

The burial armours are a reasonable balance of cost and xp but aren't worth it jsut for the xp; only for getting respect, usually for buying all the rewards for completionists cape.

The cannon repairs cost more than burial armours but they give amazing respect rates so are best choice if you aren't too worried about xp.


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Be sure to repair burst pipes and kill ancestors, they are free favour.


You get 1% respect for 10k smithing xp gained as well. A decent balance is either adamant swords, adamant armour with ingots II, or perhaps ingots III if you feel like more expensive afk.

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ingot III are faster xp than cere swords. Albeit 2.5x more expensive

Last i checked though, ingot (III) are equally efficient to addy swords at 5m gp/hr income.


addy ores are pretty expensive though. Mith swords might be more viable at lower incomes.

Really depends, I'd just check my spreadsheet.


Ingots 1-3 always have the added benefit of being much more afkeable.

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