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Fail Gaming PvM


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Hello! I'm going to keep this short and sweet, as we aren't the normal clan with extreme in-game clan dedication.


We are Fail Gaming PvM.


Our goal is to keep it SIMPLE and RELAXED. We want you to do what you want in the game, but rely on us for trusted Boss/PVP Groups & Dungeoneering.


As we get bigger, we should constantly have people wanting to group up or at the very least willing to talk to you in the CC all hours of the day.


Boss Requirements: There will be certain regulations/requirements for this. Contact me for more information if you would like.


Clan Requirements: Register on our Forums. Maturity. Loyalty. Respect. Fun. Simplicity.

Note: Forum activity is always a plus...we are a multi-game community, so please explore!


Optional Voice-Chat: Mumble. Different than the usual, but it's free. I would like to use this for Dungeoneering. Mumble.failgaming.com PW:Fail


IRC: TBA-Not sure if we will use, let me know if you like to use it...


Optional Homeworld: 78


Optional Game-Name Prefix: Fail (Ex: Fail Myst)


Quick Link(s): Fail Gaming


PM In-Game: Fail Myst or Blueberrylol

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