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I'm looking to do the latest quest in the Majaharrat* series.


I am 6 agility levels, 2 mining and 1 craft level away from it. Which of these are boostable.

I know how im going to get the mining and craft levels... but for agility, im stuck...


What would be the best xp per hour course for my 71 agility.




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I don't know which are boost-able, usually RS Wiki answers this question though.


As for training agility, I always say to do the course that you like the best (with a decent xp rate of course). For me at that level, it was Ape Atoll (this was 4 years ago, so there wasn't a real other option). As you probably know, you stop failing at level 75, but with Agility potions at your level, any failures will be rare and it provides you another thing to do. I personally found it more interesting that way. Really focused people at Ape Atoll can get 52k xp/hr with each lap taking ~ 40 seconds as I remember.

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That exp is better spent on skills like runecrafting/prayer/herblore. Agility with ba horn and pies will get him the levels in a day


Armadyl Drops : 4 Hilts; 3 Chestplates; 2 Chainskirts; 1 Helmet; 1 Buckler; 2 Shard 1; 2 Shard 2; 1 Shard 3

Nex : 1 Zaryte Bow

Kalphite King : 1 Drygore Rapier ; 1 Drygore Longsword : 1 Drygore Offhand Rapier : 1 Drygore Offhand Longsword

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This is copy pasted straight from the ROTM article in RsWiki:


"(Note: It is possible to reach this point in the quest without the necessary crafting level. However, it is recommended to get 76 crafting before starting this battle, as the repairing of the beacon needs 76 crafting.)" The "this point" -part means "Fourth battle", which is the last battle.

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do branches of darkmeyer if u havent already 20k agl xp and 3 xp lamps worth 50k a pop so thats 170k agl xp thats how i did rotm


nah prayer and herb xp is cake agl/rc are most boring rs skills depends how bad he wants to do the quest lol

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