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Corruption -vs- TCL

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We had a 90 minute cap fight set up against TCL today. We had a really slow mass but we managed to gain quite a few people with a few minutes to go and went to rush TCL on top of spiders.


Corruption starting: 99 options

The Call of Legends starting: 35 on TeamSpeak?




After a few kills, we began to transition through TCL despite having less people and managed to control the west side of the fight, giving us a dominant lead over TCL. We kept TCL's returners dead and rushed their pile every time we saw them. After around 60 minutes of repeating this, we started to apply extra pressure and continuously rushed TCL at every chance we got. TCL gained to near 45 on TeamSpeak and we stayed steady at just under 40. After a few last piles by both sides, we took our endings.


Corruption ending: ~99 options?

The Call of Legends ending: 102 options, picture below:





KDR of the fight - TCL's is off due to them being a country clan:




Random pictures:





Thanks for the fight TCL. Excellent performance despite being outnumbered, Corruption. Keep it up.

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gratz Corr! :thumbsup:


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