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Corruption -vs- Pure Hatred

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We had a couple of CWA fights against Pure Hatred since we had nothing better to do because we all love playing RuneScape so much.


Corruption starting: 21 people

Pure Hatred starting: 24 people




Most of our foreigners had already gone to bed since it was like 11 PM for them, so we started down a few people. We had an early disconnection so that didn't really help, but our performance was good. We took an early lead and kept a 2-3 kill lead throughout. PH caught up for a while but we quickly turned that around by keeping the fight around the middle and transitioning through their blasters & rangers. We gained some people and managed to build a 7 kill lead before the 30 minutes was up.


Corruption kills: 66

Pure Hatred kills: 59





Then we had a matched fight set up.


Corruption starting: 26 people

Pure Hatred starting: 26 people




Both first piles got killed nearly instantly, but then a PH member tanked us for a bit to give them a 2 kill lead after they 1-hit a couple of people. From there, our performance picked up and people began to drag PH around, tying up the war & then giving us a lead that we kept until PH left.





The pull was pretty bad but I don't really blame people for going to sleep, good performance to those of you that were there. Thanks for the fight PH.

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well done Corr! :)


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