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Corruption Night's out

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Hello Tip.It!

Today, Collision approached us asking for a two hours prep. We agreed to fight with the following rules:



  • COR x COL
  • 6h00 EST starting
  • All Styles
  • 5 snipers capp
  • 1 hour capp



Corruption starting: 42 ts




Collision starting: around 90 opts or something




We rushed Collision at the top of spiders and our fight started. Due to our numbers advantage, we quicly took the control and didn't showed back. After 10 minutes of fight Collision realized they couldn't compete with us and decided to call it off.




Corruption ending: 45 ts




Collision ending: 25~30 ppl on mossies







We had good numbers so we decided to go out and see if we find some action. After hop to world 29, we started off by killing some randomers and looters. So we hit LS, forcing them to run to mossies and just after we hitted Envy, forcing them to log out.

We killed some more randomers / looters and after we realized that no clan out could give us a fight and we decided to end.










Thanks for the clean fight COL, Envy and LS and thanks for the rune randomers of world 57 ^.^

2 kills no deaths.

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looks like you had a fun night!! keep it up!! :)


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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