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Corruption -vs- Forsaken

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Roughly a week ago, we had a fight set up against Forsaken for today. A few days ago they asked for the fight to start roughly 15 minutes earlier than before. Sorry for being late by 10 minutes, blame Jay.


Corruption starting: 114 Options (40 on TeamSpeak)

Forsaken starting: 168 Options (56 on TeamSpeak?)


We started off really slow since we had a few less people than Forsaken and our callers were slacking. They were able to continuously rush us and kill our fall-in leaders quickly while their members tanked. As we gained to around 50 on TeamSpeak, Forsaken had 54 and we managed to pick up our performance halfway through the cap.


Near the last 10-20 minutes, we jumped numbers to 55 and began to transition through Forsaken easily. We were kind of distracted by some stupid open cc team trying to kill Jay but we quickly cleared them and got back to fighting Forsaken. Most Forsaken members died instantly and our members began to pick up their tanking. After a short transition spree by Steve near west light, the time elapsed and we took our endings.


Corruption ending: 132 Options (165 at mossies) (55 on TeamSpeak)

Forsaken ending: 114 Options (52 on TeamSpeak)






The KDR was in Forsaken's favour; I believe we had 110 kills & 150 deaths. Forsaken, obviously, had the opposite.



Thanks for the fight Forsaken, it was enjoyable. Decent job today Corruption, numbers let us down at the beginning of the fight. Glad we picked it up near the end.

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Thanks for the fight Forsaken. There's no doubt you outperformed us for the first 45 minutes or so but we picked it up towards the end which is why we won due to options.

- Proud Corruption Council -


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you are doing a great job lately! gratz! :thumbup:


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

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