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The Observer

Divine Forces vs Violent Resolution

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One of VR's warlords apparoched Pkbros earlier today for a few hours prep PKRI. Despite us wanting to a different direction today, we accepted and started prepping hard.




3h cap

20 snipers

Team to clear



VR Starting: 195 (confirmed by VR's topic)


DF Starting: 220



From the start we sent 20 of our best snipers at VR, holding them down for the duration of the fight. Our main pile was pretty wild the entire night, high energy and a lot of laughs. VR's Swat were reduced to very little during most of the fight and we never lost the upperhand at all. After 3 hours, some miscommunication went down and we accidently killed Arma and they killed AZF1. Instead of trying to sort it, Arma just pm'd me demanding the fight be changed to uncapped. ([06:31:39] <Arma150> uncapped [06:31:39] <Arma150> nice 1)


VR Ending: 270 (96 on TS - Confirmed by Arma)


DF Ending:297 (100 on TS)













Thanks for the fight cuties.


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good job DF! :D


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