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Computer Won't Boot


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My boyfriend attempted to upgrade our desktop's RAM from 1GB (2 x 512) to 2GB (2x 1GB). Well, when he put both of the sticks of RAM in, the computer would not boot. I told him it was because the RAM was not seated properly or it was not functioning. So we tried different combinations of justing having one of the 1GB sticks in there and it still wouldn't boot.


We put in the original 2 x 512 sticks in and it still won't boot. The tower is receiving power because the fans come on and the light turns on. It does make a long single beeping noise as well.


Did we inadvertently break something?

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What kind of RAM was it? It looks like the Motherboard does not support your RAM.



Really? Cause as I recall it was you who was the one cussing me at base. Also, re-read what you just said: one 15 second delay (which is an exaggeration to begin with) ruins floor times? You are beyond ridiculous.

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What motherboard do you have and what memory was installed and what one did you try to install? (DIMMS, RIMMS, or SIMMS?)


Here are some general upgrade problem solutions:


- Remove and Reinstall the module(s). Make sure clips on each side of the slot are in latched positions.

- Check that you have the right memory. Verify BIOS recognizes the memory features.

- Make sure you've installed the correct module size as stated by your motherboard documentation.

- If you're dual or triple channeling make sure the modules match in their size, CL, density, features and brand.

- Clean the module edge connectors with a soft cloth. Blow or vacuum dust from memory sockets.

- Flashing BIOS might help.


Most likely I'm guessing your motherboard doesn't support the memory. Is it from the same manufacturer as the old memory? Check your motherboard documentation if you have it.

Did you wear a ground bracelet to protect against ESD?


Sorry for the long post. Let us know. GL. :)


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Jeremy wrote a very nice post, try to POST without any ram, if you succeed try adding one by one and try to boot, if you fail to boot without ram - unplug any peripherals and try a POST.


There might be a cable that got loose somehow during the upgrade.


Edit - Sbrideau made me realize its not a good idea to post without proofreading, especially after 6 study marathon for finals. :blink:

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He bought the RAM after using the Crucial memory scanner, so I figured it would work. No idea what make our motherboard is though. But again, the old RAM sticks aren't working now either (and they used to). So I don't think it's about the motherboard not supporting the RAM.

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Sometimes you really have to force the RAM in to place. Are the hooks, for want of a better word, holding on to the ram at the ends of the sticks?





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And he was grounded?

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