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Corruption -vs- Hells Army

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So, we had a 60 minute cap rematch against Hell Army set up for today!


Corruption starting: 87 options

Hell Army starting: 131 options (128 + that guy south a square)





The fight started off and we were killing HA as quickly as they were able to kill us even though we were outnumbered by quite a few people. As the time went on, we fought back and forth evenly while being outnumbered the entire time and slowly gained people to take over.


Halfway through the fight, we jumped in performance and transitioned through Hell Army's callers, leaving them disorganized and causing them to regroup. We began to 1-hit everything in sight and our members did a great job of tanking until the cap came to an end. We strolled around and found Hell Army at south of spiders, then compared endings.


Corruption ending: 99 options

Hell Army ending: 105 options


Then, they spammed "we win" and something in foreign and rushed us, so we piled them back and cleared them from the world rather quickly.


Corruption ending: 105 options, didn't bother waiting for returners.









Outnumbered from start to finish and we had a dominant KDR, excellent job today Corruption. Thanks for the fight, HA.

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