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Divine Forces vs Runescape Dinasty

The Observer

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With the start of 2012 RSD decided to post a few day prep PK to redeem themselves from a few recent losses. Thinking he was sneaky, their PK Leader approached me for a fight the day of their PK. We all knew the odds would be against us in terms of prep, but we decided to accept a few hour prep fight against the clan "ranked as #1".


We started prep our hearts out. Bloodarrow and company got the snipers a game plan. I ventured to Subway and got the usual. Mord, our newest Council, grabbed a grilled cheese and Whaza decided he'd come to his first event in 6 months. Anyways we know this would be the fight we'd beat RSD again and silence the critics. We massed up our finest DF members and met up on the only world Mago can login to.


RSD Starting: 75ish

DF Starting: 88 on TS



From the start we had absolutely nothing back. Our finest caller (& tank of the clan world) was at his best as usual, transitioning all over and giving us an easy lead. We kept hitting RSD's pile as they sent a measly 15 snipers at us. 10 minutes I had our sniper channel increased to pressure RSD more and more and eventually they found themselves at the RDG gate.


We tore it up @ RDG, koing and transitioning around RSD's "pile" for quite a bit. As RSD's TS went quiet apart from an FA named Hecticdan (early grats on best caller bruv) we pulled together a strong pile with the intention of finishing them off at the 3 hour mark and finished off RSD. We cleared their snipers a few times and kept rushing their snake of a pile being dragged all over the wilderness. Clear with the upperhand with 120 on TS, RSD decided to put it aside for another day and call it off with around 70 ending on TS.


Proud of every DF member that showed up today. We gained nearly 40 people during this fight and we fought harder than any group I've ever seen. Thanks for the AC CoR/TT/TR/CD/Whoever for taking care of the 10 or so AF crashing RSD. As for RSD, thanks for the fight, I hope to have many more in the future. One more shoutout (cuz Ilu all) to all the DF that attended today and a special shoutout to the Spartans for an amazing performance, even if Murdock is weird as hell


Additonal shoutout to all of DF's callers today who did amazing (Roel, Kevin PK, Mars, Brandon).


DF Ending: 120 on TS (many spread)



KD Ratio:



Pictures: (Sry for not using all of the ones pm'd to me, I got around 15 messages of pictures :x).










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