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Have a mini-game category for armour/weapons

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I know it doesn't have a huuuuuge impact yet, but we are slowly getting more mini-game only items. So I just thought perhaps it'd be a good idea to implement (before it becomes a huge job) a mini-game category, in the same vein as the dg category. So then, for example, when sorting by stats we could exclude mini-game items by picking regular only; would improve usability in some cases as well, like where class 5 through class 1 of the Stealing Creation weapons take up the top slots.


Wouldn't be a huge task as it'd only apply to Stealing Creation in-game weapons and armours, Hybrid armour sets and the dominion weapons to date; but certainly a growing category that it may be worthwhile implementing before it becomes a mammoth task.



Edit by Bogs: archiving, the 'minigame' tag accomplishes this.


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