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Corruption -vs- The Rising

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Original topic: http://corruption-cl...sing-ft-solace/


Around 4 days ago, we set up a 2 hour cap against The Rising. 3:30 PM EST start, 7 sniper cap.



Corruption starting: 180 options (63 on TeamSpeak)

The Rising starting: 153 options (?? on TeamSpeak)






Both sides did a good job of maintaining good KO power. The fight was fairly even for the first 30-45 minutes. People got on and our TeamSpeak jumped to 70 actives. We began to do work on TR. Snipers were electric and the main pile transitioned through every TR straggler.


At that point, Solace thought it would be wise to crash us so we began to destroy them, but Divine Forces took over (thanks) so we decided to hop worlds & restart the fight against TR.


We restarted and continued to battle against TR until EoS killed a few of them. We paused for a bit and finished off the last few minutes of the cap once EoS was gone, then compared endings south of spiders.



Corruption ending: 210 options (70 on TeamSpeak)

The Rising ending: 132 options (50 on TeamSpeak)








(17:39:05) (pondtail) [21:17] <+ReDrOc2> pondtail im getting camped


(17:39:08) (pondtail) put that in the topic










TR - Thanks for the fight, shame about the outside interference.

DF - Thanks for the AC.

Solace - l0l


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well done Corr! :D


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

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