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The Observer

Divine Forces vs Envy

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So Goku, Leader of Envy, and I were chatting in TS last night and we decided to battle it out in a few rounds of CWA for Wednesday evening. We haven't fought Envy in quite a bit (if ever) but we knew they would be a challenge shown from their recent performances. We made sure to schedule this an hour or so after our PVP fight with Cheer Up.




3 rounds matched

All styles

DG on

Cor off

Center boundaries

Snipers off


We made sure to take these guys as seriously as possible and it was shown in the results. Each round we won by a pretty big margin which was a result of our solid binds, styles and awareness. Envy's biggest flaw during rounds 1 & 2 was probably the people standing out in the back, giving us pretty easy piles. Round 3 was an uphill battle however, Envy started off with a swift KO and pulled ahead by 2 kills but some solid calling by Mars & 13brandon and awareness made up for the deficit.


Thanks for the fight Envy and thanks to all the DF that showed up to the nonmandtory fight. We still have plenty to work on but I'm happy with our progress so far this year :P


Round One:


Starting: 30v30

DF Ending: 22



Round Two:


Starting: 33v33

DF Ending: 26



Round One:


Starting: 29v29

DF Ending: 19















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nicely done DF! :D


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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