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Monster Hunters Unite! - About TMHT

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Monster Hunters Unite! - About TMHT


About the Team


  • Welcome to the official Tip.It Monster Hunting Team forum! This team is focused on leading large groups of people to take down some of RuneScape's most ferocious and feared monsters! All of our team members are experience hunters and dedicated team leaders. They welcome both first-timers and monster hunting veterans.
    This forum is where we will post and advertise all of our upcoming monster hunts! We will provide full details on the event in advance so you can mark your calendars!


The Bosses


  • We're always aiming to take down the biggest, baddest bosses in RuneScape! Some of the monsters we fight include:
    • Corporeal Beasts
    • Tormented Demons
    • Giant Mole
    • Dagannoth Kings
    • All GWD bosses (Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin, Bandos)
    • Maybe we'll even do some Nex trips!


Attending Events


  • All events will be advertised a couple days to a week in advance. Keep an eye out for new threads in this forum, global forum announcements, and website announcements! We will include information including the event time and date, boss we're hunting, the meeting location, the friend chat used for the event, the event host, and more. If you have any questions about the event, you should post in the designated forum thread or contact the event host directly in-game or via forum PM.
    We will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible with our event times. Majority of our events will cater to the more popular time zones but we will try to switch things up now and then with a less popular time.


Joining the Team


  • So you think you have what it takes to be an expert monster hunting team leader?? The Tip.It Monster Hunting Team looks for skilled monster hunters, dedicated RuneScape players, and excellent team leaders. If our application status is open, you are welcome to submit an application to join the team. Your best chance of being accepted will be if you regularly attend our TMHT events to get to know the team and demonstrate your monster hunting knowledge and skills! If our application status is closed but we feel that you would be an excellent addition to the team, we will contact you with an invitation to join!

TMHT Application Status

» NOT recruiting «

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