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112P2P, Looking for Clan.

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I'm level 112P2P, Looking for a Clan, but as i'm in a "Clan Channel" clan, (irl friends, it isn't much of a clan, only to chat) I really like the oldschool clans, friends chat and IRC with a active forum, not all this Clan Camp stuff XD. -


I have IRC, can go into a Friends Chat or hop into the Clan Channel as a Guest. If needed..





yes, i'm a girl XD.

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About Us


Exercitum offers a place of calm, while allowing you to be engaged with a community of like-minded players.

We give members a relaxing home where they can play and enjoy the game together. Get to know other people,

to meet the best and most dangerous places in our events, to build up our Citadel as a clan in-game, and more...


No matter what your combat level is, you are always welcome.

We have no requirements and we force nobody to make a part of something, everything is a free will.



What does Exercitum offer you?


Our goal is just to make you all feel comfortable to be in this clan. It's all about making fun and that's what we want from everyone.

We offer a forum for members and guests, even events shuch as:

  • Clan Citadel
  • Godwars
  • PvP (Player Vs. Player) Only sometimes though.
  • PvM (Player Vs. Monsters)
  • Competitions (PvP + Skill)
  • Penguin Hide and Seek
  • Dungeoneering
  • Chatting
  • We host our own Teamspeak server which can be used by members only.

Short history


Exercitum is one of the oldest clan that is still around in RuneScape. We have been PKing and Warrng alot in the past, it used to be our main thing what we did everyday. This clan was one of the biggest in Runescape Classic, the classic period was the most glorious time we had for the clan.

In 2006 we reached the top 10, holding the number 5 rank in the world.


With a few old and new members we kept Exercitum around as a community on 26 July 2011.


Exercitum Clan Page rcitum.net/index/]Forums"]Exercitum Forum rcitum.net/pages/gallery"]Gallery #Exercitum

rsn changed for a short period of time to: GM Dutch

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