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Tip.it Monster Hunt - Saradomin Slaughter

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Barrows drops: Dharok's helm x2, Guthan's helm, Ahrim's top, Hood and skirt, Torag's hammers, Karils skirt, Karil's top, Torag's helm, Verac's skirt, Verac's Flail, Dharok's Platebody.

Dag kings drops: Lost count! :wall:

4k+ Glacors, 7 Ragefires, 4 Steadfasts, 4 Glaivens, 400+ shards![/hide]

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It just needed reposting for additional shame ;)


Was only able to make it to this one for a little while, real-life, crewing and Ellac called :P Two dragon boots from killcount though, I'm happy enough :)




Play Safe! smile.gif - Got useful information for the tip.it website? Post here!

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The event has just ended after ~5 hours. I was one of the last 4 remaining. In total we got 1 SS split (300k) and one of each shard. We also got a dragon dagger split.


I think we only had one death the entire trip, so that's good at least :thumbup:


If only Zilyana would actually drop things for us it would have been a great event instead of just a "good" event <_<

[hide=Drop List]Barrows items: 65+
Barrows double item chests: 4 (2 in one night!), Triple Item Chests: 1 --->None of these came from "double loot" events
Dragon Drops: 4 skirts, 5 legs, 5 left halves, 18 med (7 - barrows, 9 - KBD, 2 - M. Bloodveld), 2 Spears, 62 Boots, 1 Dragonfire shield (PVP'd off my friend), 8 Axes, 1 Claws, 1 Visage, 1 Pickaxe, 1 2H, 3 Longswords, 18 Daggers, 7 DDS, 2 Maces
Slayer Heads: 2 C. Hand, 6 Cockatrice, 1 Basilisk, 6 A. Demon, 5 KBD, 2 KQ
Whips: 11, Dark Bows: 3, Ranging Ammy: 2, Whip Vine: 2, Black Masks: 8, Focus Sight: 1, Hexcrest: 4, Granite Legs: 2, Staves of Light: 3, Effigies: 36
Spirit Shields: 7, Hand Cannons: 32, Dragonstones: 50+, Challenge Scrolls: 1 (skeleton)
DKs: 3 Warriors, 3 Berserker, 2 Archers, 2 Seers, 8 Axes, 4 Battlestaves, 1 Seercull
GWD: 4 Sara Swords, 3 Saradomin's Whisper, 1 Saradomin's Murmur, 1 Armadyl Crossbow, 1 Sara Hilt, 1 Bandos Chestplate, 1 Bandos Helm, 1 Armadyl Helm, 1 Armadyl Boots, 2 Zammy Spears, 4 Boots of Subjugation, 1 Gown of Subjugation, 2 Garb of Subjugation, 1 Hood of Subjugation, 15 GS Shards
Glacors: 1 Ragefire Boots, 2 Glaiven Boots, 1 Steadfast Boots, 1 Staff of Armadyl crafted

QBD Drops: 10 crossbow pieces

Boss Pets: KBD (after only 5 kills) [/hide]

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