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What should I do? Hp jammed...


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So I started A Clockwork Syringe and defeated the Barrelchest follow without anticipating there would be a fight (so I had some HP damage and didn't bring food). Before continuing the quest, I teleported to GE to sell somethings and eat some food. I hate like 10 trout and my HP was still at 620 so I thought maybe trout was for some reason removed from items that heal your HP. So, I ate a few pieces of lobster, same thing. I just ate the lobster and my HP stayed at 620; it didn't even regenerate. I logged in and out thinking maybe that would help and ate some more trout, to no avail.


Is this normal to A Clockwork Syringe, and if not what should I do?


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The barrelchest drains your constitution level, meaning you can't heal above the reduced level until you restore it.


Drinking a super restore should restore your original level.


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yeah this is normal as the barrelchest attacks you he destroys bits of your house which for some reason reduce your overal lp cap




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The barrelchest can drain your constitution but I don't know if that's typical for the quest. Try dying in a safe area and see if that resets it?


Alternatively, you could enter a dungeon in Daemonhiem and then leave.

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When I saw the title, I knew right away what you were talking about. Yes, that's normal, and entirely intended. To get your constitution back up, you could just wait for it to restore naturally, or die somewhere (preferably safe), or go into Daemonheim or initiate a duel.







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Everyone more than covered it but basically Barrelchest drained you constitution level down to 62, so your max lp became 620.


You have to wait for it to restore or restoring it via pots/death to get it back up.


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