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Dungeoneering help


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Basically i haven't trained dungeoneering since the resource dungeons were added to the game, which was like well over 9000 years ago, i'm currently at 85 and was just wondering about the best method for getting 99/120, all my other skills are 90+ so i want to try and get this up asap.


fastest methods, best binds etc etc.


really appreciate any tips people can give, thank you

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Bind the highest 2h you can, and a plate body assuming you dont have a hood. Upgrade your ring on beserker to highest tier as soon as possible. Do large 5:5 c6 floors with a team for floors 30+, c1 the rest. Now when you get to 100, and you''ve dipped your foot in, you can change your binds accordingly to speed,dps, whatever way you want to further pursue dungeoneering.

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Open all the resource dungeons you can for the additional xp, and do the Fremmenik Sagas for more xp and tokens


It's not much but every little bit helps Pre-100

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