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Reporting Scams and Bad Trades/Services

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Reporting Scams and Bad Trades/Services


If you initiated a trade in the Marketplace board and the person you decided to trade with tried to scam you (either by failing to render services paid or by attempting to trade in a dangerous place like a PvP area), please take the following steps to report them:


  • If it happened in-game and violated Jagex's rules against scamming, immediately report the player to Jagex using the in-game report user feature.
  • As long as the trade was agreed upon and initiated on the Tip.It Forum, you can also report the user to a Tip.It Moderator or Administrator. You can either send us a private message or report the post where the user agreed to the trade using the /!\ Report function. Please include as much evidence as you can to support your claims, including a detailed summary of the trade/incident and screenshots/videos. Every bit helps. If you do not provide enough evidence we cannot guarantee that action will be taken against the user, but we will do the best we can with what you give us.
  • Remember to abide by the Tip.It Forum Rules. You may not publicly name someone as a scammer and therefore, you may not make posts like, "Player A scammed me! Don't trade with him!" Report the post to the Tip.It Staff, as described above, and let them handle the situation appropriately.
  • The best way to combat scamming is prevention. Take the time to fully examine the situation and ask yourself, "Is this worth the risk?" "Are we meeting in a safe location?" "Is it necessary that we trade in a PvP combat zone?" (The answer to that last question is no!). Always thoroughly check the trade screen before accepting and do not take any unnecessary risks! If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.


If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact a Tip.It Moderator or Administrator at any time.


Happy (safe) trading!

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