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Quick question regarding Effigies.


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After reading the update, i was a bit annoyed about the whole Effigy thing. They were basically my main Exp gain for Agility. But stories aside, i did not quite understand exactly what was meant by that "comment". As far as i understood, the droprate for Effigies has been nerfed. And the droprate will further decrease depending on how many you have banked. More than 5 means you can't get them as a drop anymore.

Now my question is (although it might sound simple), i know they say the droprate has been changed, does this apply for the first effigy, or only the ones thereafter? Because if it doesn't applies for the first one then its still fine, if not, well poop now i have to train skills :|

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Well the exact quote is:


- The drop rate of ancient effigies is now reduced, and will further decrease in accordance with the number of effigies that you have banked or in your inventory. If you have 5 or more ancient effigies, you will no longer receive them as drops until you possess 4 or fewer. Further details can be found here.


So the original drop rate is reduced, and then it will further decrease when you receive more.


Another quote


Why have you changed the drop rate of effigies?


Mod Mark: Effigies have been dropping more frequently than we originally intended. We also didn’t expect users to hoard them as much as they have.

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I think the whole point was to make it so that effigies no longer allow combat to be a viable way of training anything (other than combat obviously). I think that was the "problem" they we're trying to fix.

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Oh poop :(


Anyone know if Glacors/TDs will still be a viable option for training Agility?

Or is it still to early to ask?

Kiling glacors/TDS for agility exp, will not be viable haha. Just reading it out doesn't that sound wrong?

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