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Money making with lag


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Basically at uni my internet is terrible, not to mention everybodies fps dropping anyway so i'm struggling with bossing/click intensive money makers.


I've tried Glacors and TD's but it's just frustrating with so much lag (im getting 2-3fps), frosts were..ok..


I was trying to think of some decent money makers besides dailies and farming that arn't to intense/dangerous as i also dc randomly sometimes.


Any suggestions would be great, my stats are all 71+ you might have to look me up, or if anybody wants any specific levels I can provide them :)

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Do farm runs, invest in MTK, and if you have the levels, make 50 flasks a day. They net ~400k+ a day right now.


Also, if you have any skills that you can offer assitance in, you can make decent money off offering assists at 117 heim, as there are lots of desperate people since the effigy nerf.

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