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Welcome to the Tip.It Forum!

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Welcome to the Tip.It Forum!


Hello and welcome to the Tip.It Forum! On behalf of the entire Tip.It Staff, we are glad to have you here! Here's a bit of information to help you get started:


Tip.It Forum Rules


  • As a new user it is very important that you read the
Tip.It Forum Rules. You can find a convenient link to them at the top right of every page, just below the search bar. Most of our rules are common sense and what you'd expect (such as no spamming, no flaming, no violating RuneScape Rules, and treat everyone with respect), but it's important that you read them over anyway to get a thorough understanding and to help you stay out of trouble! If you do violate the rules we will always send you a reminder via PM before taking any action against your account, but we hope it will never have to come to that! That's how reading the rules will help you. :)
Also be sure to read our Signature, Avatar, and Display Name Rules. We do have limits for image sizes in signatures/avatars, and a few other things. Be sure to read these rules before changing your signature, avatar, or display name!


Tip.It Staff


  • We have a variety of different staff teams here at Tip.It and they all have different roles! You can recognize staff members by their coloured names and/or the special rank avatars above their group titles. For a complete list of our staff members, their ranks, and role descriptions, visit our
Tip.It Staff List thread. But here is a brief overview:
Administrators oversee all aspects of the website and forum. They are in change of all operations and other branches of staff. Administrators are generally busy managing the forum and do lots of work behind the scenes, but are always willing to help you sort out any issue you have with our services. If you are not sure who to contact with your issue, contact an administrator who can either help you or point you in the right direction.
Moderators manage the Tip.It Forum under the guidance of administrators. We have three different moderator ranks: Board Moderators, Global Moderators, and Super Moderators. Some of them moderate different boards but they all perform the same basic duties: remove rule-breaking posts, lock threads, move misplaced threads, send warnings/reminders, and Super Moderators can issue bans. You can contact moderators if you have a problem or question about the forum.
Crew Members are responsible for updating the main Tip.It website. They write our guides, code our calculators, and update our databases! If you would like to help them keep the website as up-to-date as possible, you can post in the Website Updates & Corrections board with any corrections or new information!

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- 99 fletching | 99 thieving | 99 construction | 99 herblore | 99 smithing | 99 woodcutting -

- 99 runecrafting - 99 prayer - 125 combat - 95 farming -

- Blog - DeviantART - Book Reviews & Blog

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