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What's up Tipit? My name is Dangarous, I've recently made a list of goals I wish to accomplish, and I know it will take a long time.. I want to eventually be able to make loads of money by killing bosses, but I have a LOT of work ahead.. So, here are my current stats as of 2-19-12:




These are My Main Goals:

  • 90 Slayer
  • 99 Ranged
  • 96 Herblore
  • 96 Summoning
  • 85 Dungeoneering
  • 95 Prayer
  • Acces to TD's, Glacors, and Frost Dragons
  • Defeat Jad and Obtain the Fire Cape
  • 60+ All Skills
  • 70+ All Skills
  • 80+ All Skills
  • 90+ All Skills


[spoiler=Quests Completed]THEFEUD.png




[spoiler=All Levels 60+]



I just got this Saturday 2-18-12:



EDIT (2-19-12): My current plan:

  • --DONE--Complete a Hard clue I got from a Nechryael.
  • --DONE--Complete "The Feud" quest.
  • Get 84-85 Herblore
  • Make about 100-250 Super Antifire Potions
  • Use all 13 Effigies on Herblore
  • Kill Mithril Dragons until I get a Dragon Full Helm (Or a TT reward worth at least 50M) for cash to spend on Herblore, Summoning, Etc... Since I am quickly running out... Wish me luck!


Just got this 2-21-12:



EDIT (2-20-12): In order to make some cash, I'm going to make a list of monsters to kill in hopes of making some cash money, because getting 83-96 Herblore will cost me roughly 130M (although this doesn't take into account the 13 effigies I currently have or BXPW, which I plan on making good use of by purely training Herblore), but that doesn't even include Summoning, Prayer, Ranged, etc.. So I have a LOT of money I need to make, and I figure this will be a good way. I will also record ALL my drops and post them when finished.. I also plan on completing ALL the Treasure Trails I get as soon as I get them (hopefully I'll get some third-age armor, but I'm not counting on it, seeing as how I have horrible luck when it comes to them.. But it only takes getting lucky once to make me an assload of cash) Here is a list of the monsters I plan to kill, the numbers might change and I might add more, but here's my list as of now:


  • 85 Herblore (Currently banked, but that needs to happen first so I can stock up on Super Antifires to help kill these listed monster)
  • 10,000 Green Dragons
  • 1,500 Abyssal Demons
  • 1,000 Mithril Dragons
  • 150 General Graardor (Bandos GWD)
  • 250 Steel Dragons
  • 1,500 Dagannoths
  • 1,000 Revenants
  • 1,500 Aberrant Spectres


[spoiler=Monster Drops and Clue Rewards]



Thanks for checking out my blog and there is much more to come!

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