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downloadable runescape calculator


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recently I have got back into runescape and was looking for a downloadable calculator, to my dismay there was not a thing on it in the forums that I could find. so i was curious if it would be worth my time to write my own calculator in vb myself and to see if it would be of any use to the RS community. I have actually already begun work on one and nearly finished the fighting calculator portion, along with the ability to retrieve a characters stats via the high scores page on RS. here is a picture of what it looks like so far.




some features will include:

Ability to pull current xp and levels by entering username.

one central interface for all the calculators for most skills.

I might add a save name feature so you dont have to always type it in.

Im open to suggestions on what someone wants to be added.

no install required to use just download and open.


If this would be of use to anyone I will continue adding calculators for every skill as needed, if you want more pictures Ill upload more or if you simply want more information drop me a pm here and ill be more then happy to talk it over. I will be keeping track of this post as much as possible and will start being active on tip it's forums. the main reason I love tip it is because it already has calculators here which are always an amazing help. I also might be throwing up a site if my calculator gets enough attention. and to prove that it is not spam or male ware I will release the source code if someone wants it as long as I get some type of recognition. let me know what everyone thinks!


**UPDATE** 1

Here is what Ive finished today.


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Welcome to Tip.It. :smile:


Pretty interesting, I've never seen any RS calcs in VB.

I've done a fair share (~100 hours) of programming in Visual Basic for fun as well, mostly just conversion calculators for coordinate systems and various others that have niche uses for surveying. Runescape-wise, I just make calculators in Google Docs so that way people don't have to download anything and the prices also auto-update from the GE.


Once you upload your final calculator, I'll definitely take a look at your source code. :thumbup:

Working on max and completionist capes.


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The cool part about a calc in VB is that basically its all the skills calcs tip it has to offer in a single interface with the same capability's plus more, Ive written several programs of various applications and I love dabbling in new ideas and a Complete RS calc sounded sweet so im trying it out. as i said the combat calc is already finished just need to add some error exceptions and whatnot, tomorrow I may work on a skill or two. Ill end up releasing the calculator in several versions and release it as I finish calculators. if anyone wants a sneak peak drop me a pm and ill send you some info on it. more pics and posts comming soon!

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Well, The idea for making a downloadable calculator has come up once or twice before in the crew, its just generally the idea hasn't progressed very far due to the fact that it is only particularly useful in cases that Web calculators are accessable. One advantage of the use of in-page calculators is that since each page is based on a single xhtml document it is easy to distribute updates for the calculator (once we publish the page, everyone loading the page gets the up to date calculator), as opposed to a downloadable calculator which is a far more difficult beast to update (The best idea I have been able to come up with to deal with it is using RSS to distribute new definition files for the thing, as it is not reasonable to force downloading the definition files every time it starts or to require installing a new version of the calculators to get updates).


Thanks to DrCue at DeviantArt for the signature source

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I have also thought of the entire update scheme and there is multiple ways I could do it. as with any program I could have it check a ftp site for a newer version automatically and prompt the user or maybe just toss in a random check sum that says there is an updated calc goto this link and download it. I see what your sayin that its easier to push updates through the site, and they both have their ups and downs and a update system would be a easy enough idea though I think, make it version based so if there is an update you can goto the page and download it if not you could continue using the current calc. I have a few ideas in my head that would be an easy way to do the updates. I could have it website based and on startup it checks the versions of the program, it would prompt you with a box to update or ignore, easy enough. add in a few error handling checks and your good to go.



later tonight I will throw up a test site and test out my update idea to see if its actually feasible.



On another note I will begin working on some more calculators for it today! I also really appreciate everyones input it makes me think more about certain ideas and tip it has been a GIANT help in the actual calculator creation. I will be giving the calc creators and tip it some recognition when my version is finished no matter what. thanks again and ill be keeping track of this forum all day today so if anyone has questions or ideas let me know!

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