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Runescape Item Numbers


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I doubt anyone is up this late, but I figured out of all the sites, this might be the best bet.


I was taking a look at item codes, because I need to have a database of Names->IDs for optimal performance with this project I'm working on (only need things that can be sold on the GE), and I noticed tip.it uses different item codes than the item database on the official GE site. Does anyone know why this is?


I haven't been able to find a database anywhere on the web, so I was just going to quickly throw together a crawler tonight to make a CSV list for me so I can import it into my MySQL database (I want to check them first to make sure nothing funky is going on). In all honesty, I'll probably be done by the time anyone responds to this, but if you end up teaching me something, or saving me any amount of time, it would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance,


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Finished the crawler.


I did a quick test on 20 items, and it seems to dish out 1.166 requests per second, meaning items 0-23000 (I think that's a little past the upper limit) will take around 5h28m. I don't want to do this to my poor webhost, so I'll boot up my server in the morning and let it run then. Hopefully I'll be able to get more req/sec on my box, but we'll see.

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Well, the reasoning behind us using different item codes than the official Jagex codes is that our Items Database like most databases uses numbered entries to store the data, with the numbers being assigned based on the order that items are added to the database. As a result Tip.it's item ID numbers are not the same as those featured in Runescape's item database. The official ID values being easily accessable for items is a fairly new thing overall (The Tip.it Items Database was released at the end of 2006, when the GE was initially released a year later with the website lookup being release even later), and the fact that they are only normally accessable for a portion of all items makes getting the official ID number impractical (there are methods to actually get the IDs for all items rather than just GE items, but there are no plans by the Website crew to do so.) Besides there are not actually any useful applications for the official ID numbers besides interfacing with the GE, and in these cases the Official ID is stored in the database for use with our various features involving data from the GE.


If you are just looking for a list of the IDs, another user recently posted a thread on the subject with what I presume to be a more or less up to date set of the ID numbers you are looking for: All Tradeable Runescape Item IDs


Thanks to DrCue at DeviantArt for the signature source

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I saw that, but getting .net to work on Linux has always been a royal PITA.


I'll just let my crawler do its thing. I decided I want to grab some more data about the items while I'm at it, such as item descriptions. I see his is actually a little smarter than mine, as mine has to load over 22k pages (I'm not really up on all the RS stuff, honestly). I wasn't aware of this item database query directly, and was just scanning every item through the grand exchange, whether or not it existed on their page. If I ever need to do this again, I'll keep this in mind.


Thanks for the reply. :)



Hoozah! Here is the data for everyone's enjoyment:


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