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Dungeoneering difficulty


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I've posted on these forums before about dungeoneering but i've still not got the hang of it. I did a 5:5 large dungeon a bit earlier and it was absolute hell and i got almost nothing(in terms of exp) compared to the 5:1's ive been doing because of the number of deaths that i got and the fact that it was much longer than a 5:1. What difficulty should i do to get the max exp in the least amount of time?

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5:5s are the best XP, but you need a team that will work well with you. 1 or 2 deaths isn't that bad as long as the time/floor is pretty low. 5:1s are more relaxed, though, I think. You do suffer quite a loss doing 5:1 instead of 5:5 (assuming same number of deaths)


A lot depends on your teammates, and strategies involved. A good keyer, and a team who uses gatestones correctly can prevent deaths (keeps ggs safe when possible, and always keep your own gates safe when possible). Good teams means less food hogging, proper prayer usage and blocking monsters.


It reaaaally depends on your teammates and you working together. And of course what you have bound. (ssh really helps prevent being killed by a lot of random skeletons and such)

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You should do 5:5 ideally, it takes time and practice to stop dieing lots. For me it took until my third bind until I started properly surviving (but that might've been because I used a hood).


Consider that you died so much because it was a slow floor, not the other way around. If a floor is faster, you simply have less opportunities to die. Investing in speed will result in easier survival (up to a point).

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