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I realize that nobody here probably uses http://www.wix.com/, considering it's basically a "drag and drop" website builder with little functionality for those novice programmers who are too lazy to learn any actual coding. That being said... I was wondering if you guys could help me out with a problem I'm having with it :mellow: . I work at a "small" medical center, and the girl in charge of marketing asked me if I knew anything about web hosting today. My knowledge, or lack there of, is less than impressive in this sort of thing but she's good looking enough to take me from my desk :huh: .


She tried explaining the situation to the best of her ability, but for the life of me I have no clue what she was trying to say (and I'm not sure she did). This is what I believe the problem is:

We already have a website set up. But research wanted a new one' date=' so I used Wix to make a simple one since I don't really know much about website coding. We've pointed the domain name to the new website so it automatically goes there, but the email we use (which is apparently [u']not[/u] with Wix) completely goes down whenever we have the website actually up and redirecting and we don't know why.


I can't remember the domain hosting website, but Wix is the actual website builder she used. She then tried explaining about how she called Wix Support (and the website's host) and they walked her through all kinds of things. Host the DNS with the email provider (presumably the actualy domain host) and point the A records to Wix.


Does anyone have any clue what I'm talking about here? It went straight over my head and has been bugging me all day. I Googled around a bit but I have no clue what I'm looking for because I've never messed around with anything like this. She might just be oblivious to this sort of thing, and then again it's possible I misunderstood the problem she was trying to explain. Maybe both.



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Host the DNS with the email provider (presumably the actualy domain host) and point the A records to Wix.


It sounds like support was trying to tell her to use your domain control panel to point your A record to Wix and point your MX record back to your email host.


Although, if you're routing your domain to the Wix name servers, then you need to create the MX record in Wix.

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