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Lost Tzhaar ring


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I lost my tzhaar ring the reward from the recent quest, and now i've got it back it has no stats and needs 48k tokkul to charge. What's the cheapest/easiest way to do this? or is there a way to completely avoid it?



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Unfortunately, you will have to recharge it for the stats to reappear on the ring!


If you have completed the Karamja elite tasks, then you can claim 8k free Tokkul every day!

If you have not completed them, then I'm afraid you'll have to stick in the Tzhaar caves for a while, killing the monsters while collecting the tokkul!


Or alternatively, don't forget that you can infact trade fire capes from the Fight Caves into the banker at the fight caves for 8k Tokkul, although killing the tzhaar creatures is an easier method than this!


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I remember a long time ago, people used to make a profit trading in runes to the shop for the tokkul, then buying uncut onyx.


It's worth a shot.

They stopped you being able to sell stuff to shops sadly. :(


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