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Raging with Range.......


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Hey all!! So I've been training range the last couple days at ogres in the combat training area (you know behind the cage...) and I've tried 3 different options which include.......


1) Rune xbow with broad bolts

2) Iron Knives

3)Magic Short Bow with iron arrows


All of the above have been used with Red D'hide body, chaps, and vambs, archer helmet, and a glory...............

And I think I've been getting somewhere in the 30k/hr xp range ??? :wall:


So my question to all you wonderful people is... drum roll please!


Which of those set-ups or if not those, what set-up shall I use, is 30k/hr xp decent, terrible??

And last but not least, where should a guy like me train range besides slayer?


ps. I'm not making it rain with my bank account :thumbdown:

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Train slayer with a cannon + rune knives/dragon darts or a karils xbow once you have the level for it.


If you are adamant about not wanting to slay or use a cannon, use the best knives/darts you feel you can afford.

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30k xp/hr is extremely low, sorry to say :(.


The best way to train ranged if you're not rich is hunting dragons. They drop bones and hides worth a lot more than the ammo you spend on killing them, and you can stay out of the way of their dragon breath and melee attacks. You can even use a dwarf cannon and not lose any money on it.


To improve your damage output, wear good equipment (surprise!). (most of) The best ranged equipment is actually from minigames/dungeoneering/Dominion Tower/quests, so it doesn't cost money to obtain, just time.

Void is the first big step and the set alone will boost your damage output by roughly 15-20%. It's fairly easy to obtain no matter what your levels are.

A chaotic crossbow is nice for hunting dragons because you can use dragonbane bolts (Ritual of the Mahjarrat required) and with void deflector you can use swift gloves. But that's probably a few bridges too far for now, focus on void (unless you really, really like questing).


Keep praying eagle eye at all times! You'll easily get 15% more xp and it's free. You will use about 10 prayer potions per hour, but you'll easily get another 10 dragons in an hour (if not 20 or 30) which means you profit more.

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