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Missing My Mummy


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This is about the Mini-quest after donig the quest itself.



With the Mummy's name papyrus in hand, proceed north to Reldo.


2. Walk north to Varrock so that you can pick up an Al-kharid flier from Ali the leaflet dropper along the way, just north of the Al Kharid mine.




I would highly appreciate it if you mention to go by the leaflet dropped before you mention going to Reldo.

(I'm sure I'm not the only one teleporting to Varrock after reading that, and then realising they have to be in Al Kharid)


And it's called "Al kharid flyer", "not Al-Kharid flier".


3. Speak with Reldo, who will ask for a flier from Ali Morrisane. Wow, you already have one! He will give you a Scroll of praise.


Flyer, not flier


-new channel-

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