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Playing Runescape while at work...



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  1. 1. would you/do you play Runescape while at work?

    • YES, of course...
    • NO, it's blocked
    • NO, i'm scared of getting fired
    • NO, it's morally wrong...
    • NO, because i'm a maxed billionaire

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my "friend" plays Runescape while he is at work.


he only does afk'able background stuff such as woodchopping, fishing etc, so he feels he still puts in a good 7-7.5 hours of solid work each day.


he is also aware that his colleagues, and indeed his boss, spend time each day on Facebook, watching YouTube, reading websites, sending personal emails etc etc, so despite playing Runescape he is still one of the most productive and valued employees at the company.


i have seen a few other people on this forum mention playing from work, so i thought i'd do a poll to see how common it actually is.




edit - for more discussion value, the people who vote YES should also mention any interesting AFK'able activities they have found they can perform in the background while at work. wc'ing and fishing were just obvious examples.


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Worst I do is post on forums. Would never play a game though.

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I think its wrong, because I know that I would not get work done. If its the kind of job I have though (A thinking behind the desk job) then I do understand. The reason is because you can't expect 8 hrs of creativity out of a person. So there is some give and take. I know for myself it would distract me and make my work horrible.

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Moved to Questionnaires :)


I don't work, but I do play it sometimes at college. I don't do anything like have it on in the background, simply just play it for 5 mins or so as a nice little break from working hard. I also stake at college because I believe it gives me luck. I have only so far procured wins in staking when at college.



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I'm a freelancer and I have done woodcutting in the background while working on the clock on a project for a client. I don't let it affect my productivity so.. whatever :P I don't think I'd ever do it in an office environment though.

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I wouldn't. I give these reasons based off of my character during my university years. How rude it is to be having your attention elsewhere when it needs to be concentrated elsewhere. It's just like constantly texting someone when you're having a conversation with someone else in person. It non-verbally shows how much disinterest you have and where your priorities stand. That's why I didn't bring a laptop to class, because, yes I know I would be highly tempted to open up facebook or something of the sort. I paid to attend those classes, so I'm going to learn all that I can. I feel like this can juxtapose into work, and the respect issue I brought up earlier. If you're being paid to do a service, you should be doing that service, not afking on a mmorpg. I'm glad I work in a service industry, not a desk job for that fact.


Tl;dr No, I wouldn't play and it is a disrespect to the company and your boss and peers. Even if "everyone else does it."

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I wouldn't do that. Taking a break from time to time is fine, it helps you concentrate and be more effective. But your time working should really be spent working. Your employer pays you for working, not for working some bits and playing Runescape at the same time.


edit: If you're a freelance, as Tripsis mentioned above, it's something else. You have to get your stuff done, but it's your choice how to manage your time.

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i play at work because other wise i would be very bored. my job isnt actually doing anything it is more like babysitting a building, it is a very easy job :thumbsup:




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Ye cuz I was allowed to use my personal computer. Rstation FTW.

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I have a low-needs client I do respite with. On occasion I've logged in for "low-attention" skills (fish mainly). No issue at all.


W/Other individuals, obviously not. But that's the nature of my job, every client is different etc etc.


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If you're being paid to work and you're playing games (or other non-work related things like forums, facebook, etc.) then it's theft. The only justification I can see for it is if you're salaried and you're allotted a certain amount of personal time during your shift, or if you're paid per job and the job still gets done. I can almost see the point being made for afking skills in the background while working, but if I were the employer I'd still terminate someone for that.



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please add a 'NO, because I am a van driver' option so i can participate

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please add a 'NO, because I am a van driver' option so i can participate

And add one for being a bus driver too :thumbsup:

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Maybe your workplace needs something like this software?


I just read that review and it seems really creepy and invasive but at least it makes everything productive. I still have to try it but I am sure that should stop your friend from playing Runescape or do anything unproductive at work.

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I work in a tropical fish warehouse. The only computer I use is so outdated and slow. I'm pretty sure if the antivirus updated it would kill the computer. They don't take care of the computers. If it did work, I'd play it in the background, doing wcing or fishing for 3 hours in the morning while I'm typing in labels to put on fish bags we ship. But alas I cannot. :(


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I'm at work right now. :P


I read the forums on and off during the day, but only play during my lunch break.



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Like Kaida, I too am actually at work right now.


However, I went ahead and voted "NO, Its blocked" even though I think all 3 of the middle choices best apply to me.


Do I think its morally wrong, especially when abused, yes. (especially with how often I see some of my coworkers doing non work related things *cough* facebook *cough*)


Do I think theres a problem with taking a few minutes here and there during slow points of the day to do something on RS, No.




Since being hacked the other day, I am trying the best I can to get back on my feet, and so if I could have logged on 2 or 3 times here at work and planted / harvested my 18 Morchella mushrooms a couple of times, that sure wouldnt have taken more then a minute or so, and wouldnt have hurt that goal or work productivity. (though I likely woulda done a few quick flips and made a few mil in there was well...but still, thats besides the point! ;))

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