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Autohotkey question


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As long as you stick to the 1:1 input:output ratio, no rules are broken, however it is quite a shady area, so make sure you know what you're doing before you do it! :lol:


Things like pressing a key to move the cursor to a set are fine (as far as I know) As are things like mouskeys, moving the cursor a set distance/ clicking, as long as it's stuck to that 1:1 ratio. :)

(If someone who knows more about this than me could confirm this, that would be great.)


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Yeah the rule is 1 input to 1 output.


A script that, for example includes:

A = move mouse to specific co-oridnates

B = right click

C = move mouse set distance from current point

D = left click


Is fine, each output action is achieve by 1 input.


Where as a script where

A = move to set co-ordinates AND right click


Is disallowed as that is 1 input for 2 outputs (1 being the move, 2 being the click) and as such is a minor form of botting.


An extreme example of not allowed would be where u press A and it does the 4 actions from the first example, moves to a new location repeats the right click to left click segment and so on as that is just a pure and simple bot as it is doing chains of actions for a single input.


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If you take the rules literally, it's not allowed at all.




Jagex did make a special case for Mousekeys though, I forgot where it was but they confirmed that Mousekeys can be used, including the double click.



Would someone please find a quote where Jagex says other software that moves the mouse is allowed as long as it is 1 input 1 output?





Also, I consider clicking the mouse at a certain location to be 1 action rather than 2 (move/click), though I'm sure people will disagree with me.




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Unless you make an illegal script, a 1:1 doesn't automatically move the mouse or click, it still requires an input on your behalf.


Also, I consider clicking the mouse at a certain location to be 1 action rather than 2 (move/click), though I'm sure people will disagree with me.

Moving the mouse is 1 action and clicking is 1 action. What you consider to be 1:1 is illegal.


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The key here is "automatically". Remove the 1 input: 1 output restriction and then it's automatic.


You can move the mouse with mousekeys so logically doing the same with another program is okay.


If it's automatically moving the mouse to a specific coordinate though? Not so sure about that...

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You can't use absolute coordinates, relative is fine. So if the key moves the mouse down 5 pixels from where its at its ok. If it moves the mouse to your prayer icon regardless of where its at when you press the key its not ok.


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