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Herblore Habitat Quests

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Just a couple questions


1) What is the best formation for the box trapping there at herblore habiat? I have been just doing a straight line is there a better one?

2) What is BEST to hunt for uguene seeds for the ju ju farming pot? I know a lot of the jadkinos drop them, but which one is BEST to hunt for this seed as I want to make A LOT of ju ju farming potions?

3) How long does getting a uguene seed for the ju ju farming pot usually take?

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1) That's what I did for 99, and it's the most popular afaik.

2) I never specifically hunted for ugune, so not sure. Draconic + common hunting combo (best hunter xp) is great seeds.

3) Using the above method, it's really random.. sometimes 10/hr sometimes 2.


I've made and used a ton of juju potions. Getting 99 gave me enough seeds for more than 10k herblore runs which is 5x what I plan on using.

Working on max and completionist capes.


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Draconic & Carrion are best for Ugune seeds as they re the two that drop only herb seeds. All the rest either do not drop them or drop all habitat seeds making each seed rarer from them.


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Commons are pretty good seeds as well, roughly 1/10 for all herb seeds.

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