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Improving money /h at Frost Dragons


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I am currently getting about 1.2-1.5m per hour at frost dragons and am looking to increase that as I am saving up for enough money in order to get overloads(it's gonna take a while :3) to start bossing as most good bossing teams require this (and turmoil -_-), i am currently quite a bit off this as i have 8.5m cash so far and have also bought more armour sets and dfs for bosses also so i'd rather not spend anymore money on gear for frost dragons that costs more than a mill. This is my current set-up.

Im using a spirit terrorbird familiar :)




Helm of Neitiznot

Amulet of glory

Dragonfire Shield

Chaotic Rapier

Bandos Chestplate

Bandos Tassets

Ring of Wealth

Dragon Boots

Obsidian Cape



Lunar Staff


Super attack

Super defence

Super strength

Prayer potion x3

Antifire potion

Monkfish x15

Cannon Components


I use the fairy ring from edgeville to teleport to Mudskipper point and go into the ice dungeon from there, when im done i teleport to Lumbridge to recharge my prayer and then teleport to Edgeville to bank and restock for my next trip, is there anything else i could do to increase money per hour or am i doing all i can?

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i don't know from personal experience, but iv been told its alot better with nomad's requiem's soul wars cape, and i see that you just about have the levels to get it, so maybe as your going alot and doing frosts maybe do that quest at some point? and the guide says if not soul wars cape a fire cape, so if you have one that could make it a bit more profitable... and a fury always helps... if you need to get a fury lent every now and then and if i'm not using mine i wouldn't mind

iOwn.... (kinda)

2 year old account, Hoping to max before 3-year mark.

Drops - LOTS! =P

1500 total, 2000 total, 2200 total, 2400 total, 2496 total, 2595 total.

99s in order: 99 herblore, 99 firemaking, 99 cooking, 99 strength, 99 Constitution, 99 Attack, 99 ranged, 99 dungeoneering, 99 summoning, 99 fletching,

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An amulet of fury, berserker ring, and a fire cape or soul wars cape are the only things that could use an upgrade. (Steadfasts are too expensive)

I can lend either a fury or a berserker ring if you need it. Private message me in-game. Username is the same as my RSN.


How many charms do you have? Getting to 68 for a tortoise would be a great improvement for your trips as well.


Are you using piety for all your kills? You should. :)


After the end of your trip you could simply teleport to edgevile, restock and teleport to the Port Sarim loadstone, run south, reload your summoning points and your prayer points by the altar. Not sure if it's faster than your current method or not.


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You could wear a ardougne cloak 3/4 if you go for the achievement diary, but as I look into your stat signature its highly unlikely.

Next you could add is the Tokkul-Zo, wich teleports you next to a bank and close to a fairy ring.


If you have both of the above, you can teleport to the monastery then to Tzhaar with the Tokkul-Zo ring to bank and then teleport to mudskipper point.

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Sell gear you aren't currently using. Its better to get overloads and turmoil for frosts and increase you money per hour and buy bossing gear later


Armadyl Drops : 4 Hilts; 3 Chestplates; 2 Chainskirts; 1 Helmet; 1 Buckler; 2 Shard 1; 2 Shard 2; 1 Shard 3

Nex : 1 Zaryte Bow

Kalphite King : 1 Drygore Rapier ; 1 Drygore Longsword : 1 Drygore Offhand Rapier : 1 Drygore Offhand Longsword

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